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Discover how GAWAPP revolutionizes the coffee shop experience.

Digital Loyalty,
Real Results

Say goodbye to paper cards and hello to instant, contactless rewards with GAWAPP’s Digital Loyalty feature. Your customers will love the convenience, and you’ll gain valuable insights of their preferences. Boost customer engagement, increase retention, and witness real results.
Increase of customer engagement
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Get to Know Your Customers

With Digital Stamp, you can now understand your customers’ preferences and habits. Gain valuable insights to tailor your offerings and create personalized experiences. The result? Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Boost Customer Retention

70 %

increase in profits

Empower Your Team for Success

GAWAPP doesn’t just benefit your customers; it’s a powerful tool for your team. Track performance, incentivize your staff, and enhance teamwork. Get more tips, improve efficiency, and create a winning coffee shop environment.


Increase in-app digital tipping

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How it works

GAWAPP in Action

What happens after you complete our seamless sign up process and start immediately using GAWAPP?

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Get you set up

Get your GAWAPP QR Code immediately on the App. That’s it! You’re ready to start rewarding existing customers & attracting new ones right away! 

Your NFC tag will be sent to you within 5 days.

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Start Tapping

Customers sign up to your loyalty program and get their first stamp by scanning your QR code or tapping your NFC Tag. Once they’ve earned a stamp, you can reach them directly with targeted push notifications and get actionable insights on their buying behavior.

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Get Results

Rewards, promotions & push notifications keep your customers coming back 4 times more often than they would without GAWAPP. Chart your success through data Insights on the App and through your business portal for advanced features.

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